Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wonder Woman DOA

I was disappointed to hear that NBC recently decided not to buy David E. Kelley's pilot for Wonder Woman, starring Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights), however if they hadn't redesigned the costume, the show might've had a chance: with legs like Palicki's, it was criminal to cover them up. (see costume) 

I was looking forward to Wonder Woman because it seemed so terribly cheesy in that 70's Charlie's Angels/Incredible Hulk sort of way. And there's something irresistably lunatic about a chick with big boobs running around in a Mexican swimsuit, solving crimes with a lasso and magic bracelets. But let's face it, nobody watched the original Wonder Woman because of the clever plotlines and scintillating dialogue. We watched it because we love to see a hot chick kicking ass. (High kudos, Linda Carter.) 

It would be interesting to see somebody try do a "serious" remake of Wonder Woman. It would be an impossibly difficult trick to pull off, however if they can turn Marvel's silliest comic book hero, Thor, into a successful and entertaining movie, what the hell?

That David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman pilot was turned down by the same chuckleheaded network that green-lighted the painfully dumbassed remake of the painfully dumbassed Knight Rider is an indication of how bad the show must've been. So in a way, it was probably a good thing for Palicki that NBC didn't green-light the show, otherwise her career might never have recovered.

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