Monday, November 23, 2009


Be very afraid...
Cinematical reported yesterday that not only will there be a third Jackass movie--no surprise there--but that this one will be in astounding, thrill-wonder 3D. Which sounds like a terrifically entertaining idea, and frankly, it's long overdue. After years of having been co-opted by kiddie movies, it's about time somebody returned my favorite cheap movie gimmick to it's rightful place in the world of horror and exploitation cinema. (If you don't think Jackass films are horror movies, I guess you didn't see the paper cut scene.) 

3D used to be all about horror, exploitation, and science fiction. Creature from the Black Lagoon, House of Wax; It Came from Outer Space. Cool movies like that. The first 3D movie I ever saw was Andy Warhol's Frankenstein. I snuck in to see it at the old Northgate Plaza theaters, near the intersection of Lee Road and Edgewater Dr. (I was too young to see it legally, so I had to sneak in.) It was amazing. The boobs, bats, and spraying blood seemed to come right out of the screen, and I loved it! The movie changed my life. It was my Passion of the Christ

Now comes Jackass 3 in 3D. Think about that. Imagine what it'll look like when Steve-O lights some drunk chick's boobs on fire again, or shoots bottle rockets out of his butt, or relieves himself in the plumbing section of a hardware store. (Heck, all we need now is Smell-O-Vision!) According to Cinematical, the Paramount/MTV Films reality comedy is slated to start shooting this January. The usual suspects will be on board, e.g., Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and Bam Margera, etc.

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