Monday, May 23, 2011

The Actor Enforcer

Here's one of the reasons why the comedy website Funny or Die is so damned funny. In a faux commercial called The Actor Enforcer, My Name is Earl's Ethan Suplee plays a tough guy named Frank Fardel, who beats up temperamental actors for a living.

The sketch was written by comedians Curtis Rainsberry  and Michael Busch of LA's famed imrov comedy troupe, the Upright Citizens Brigade, and features a slew of Busch and Rainsberry's colleagues appearing in cameos as famous movie stars. James Adomian does a very funny Philip Seymour Hoffman (check out the little cherry-red lips), and watch for the scene in which Ethan Suplee punches out a guy who's supposed to be Ethan Suplee. Funniest of all, though, is Heather Anne Campbell as Jodie Foster. She not only gets the hair right (hilarious!), she also does that trilling Jodie Foster whimper better than Jodie Foster does.


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