Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How To Make A Mummy


Bored with scrapbooking and baking artisanal breads? Looking for something a little more aboriginal and outré? If you're in New York this weekend and have ever wanted to make your own mummy--and frankly, who hasn't?--you'll have a chance to do that on Sunday afternoon, Aug. 7, at Observatory in Brooklyn. The eclectic arts venue at 543 Union Street will be hosting a class in the authentic art of Egyptian mummification. Classes will last from 1-4 PM.

According to Morbid Anatomythe funerary techniques will be taught by a "Sorceress Cagliastra" in accordance with ancient weird religious rites outlined in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. An embalmer and medical examiner by trade, Cagliastra (presumably not her real name) will "guide students in the use of the traditional materials such as natron salts, canopic jars, oils and herbs, dried flowers and linen or gauze wraps."

Traditional mummification rituals such as the "opening of the mouth"--whatever the Christ that is (shudder)--will be demonstrated as "part of the creation of an authentic and perfectly respected animal mummy; each student will leave class with an animal mummy of their own making." 

From Morbid Anatomy:

            "Please note: No animals are harmed or killed for this class; the 
             materials are found already deceased, obtained either from a food 
             service such as a meat market that serves a clientele seeking intact 
             animals, or from a pet feeder supply."

Admission is $60. Eight slots are still available, however due to high demand, interested parties are requested to RSVP at

Observatory is located at 543 Union Street (at Nevins), and is accessed through Proteus Gowanus Gallery's entrance. (see map below)

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