Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our Lady Of Hollywood And Vine

With the avalanche of bad press the Catholic church has been getting lately, a new series may offer blessed comic relief for those in need of a good belly-laugh at the expense of all that orthodoxy and magisterium. Our Lady of Hollywood & Vine is a new sitcom currently in development about a group of well-intentioned but supernaturally dysfunctional clerics and laypersons attempting to save souls--along with their doomed church--in a Catholic parish in Hollywood, California, of all places. It seems the property is far more valuable as overflow parking for the Kodak theater, so a local bishop wants to close the nunnery and sell the property to a developer. Enter Sister Demetrius and her reluctant accomplice, Fr. Abernathy, who are not above manufacturing a few 'miracles' if it'll boost attendance and revenues.

The series is the brainchild of LA writer and comedian Jacqi Bowe, who seems to have mined her own Catholic background for pure comic gold. Starring alongside Bowe is the brilliant character actor Robert Babish, who plays the put-upon Father Abernathy. Judging from the trailer, this may turn out to be the funniest Catholic-based sitcom since the scathingly brilliant Father Ted.

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